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  1. Pat, Roll, Pull  A Challah Braiding Story Pat, Roll, Pull  A Challah Braiding Story

    Pat, Roll, Pull <br> A Challah Braiding Story

    It's Friday. Today, for the very first time, Leah and her preschool classmates will get their own dough and the chance to braid their own challah. But, since Leah can't braid by herself yet, what will her friends say? And how will her challah look when it comes out of the oven? In this heartwarming story of creativity and challah fun, Leah discovers that something wonderful can happen when you stay true to yourself... and good friends are at your side! Learn More
  2. Russian Annotated Siddur Russian Annotated Siddur

    Russian Annotated Siddur

    The Russian Annotated Siddur has the same annotations and instructions as the highly acclaimed English Annotated Siddur, published by Kehot, and reproduced the original Hebrew text from the English Annotated Siddur. With clear and easy to follow instructions, even a person who will be praying for the very first time can pick it up and start praying, without the need for guidance. The Russian Annotated Siddur will also be helpful for synagogues who call out the pages during the prayers as it has matching page numbers to the English Annotated Edition. This new Siddur, is expected to enhance worshiper participation, increase enthusiasm, create a more meaningful synagogue experience and become a staple for Russian Jewish communities around the world. Russian Annotated Siddur – translates the Tehillat Hashem, Nusach Ha-ari Zal, according to the text of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, who researched sixty different versions of the Siddur and subjected every word to careful scrutiny, making it linguistically faultless according to all the complexities of Hebrew grammar and syntax. He also incorporated into the text every detail and intention of Lurianic Kabbalah, in addition to meticulously following the Talmudic and Halachic rulings concerning the prayers. This Siddur includes Selichot, Hoshanot, Pirkei Avot, and the Torah reading for various festivals, as well as the daily, Sabbath and Festival prayers. Also a detailed presentation of the laws relating to the prayers has been added as an appendix called "Selected Laws and Customs." Some of the features include: Shaded boxes indicate prayer changes for special occasions Transliterated essentials, like Kaddish and Borchu, appear as needed - no page flipping necessary Instructions for sitting, standing, and other customs Russian instructions appears on both the Russian and Hebrew pages Headings identify major prayer sections Lightweight Bible paper for years of quality use Great for use in a synagogue or home setting and makes for a great gift. Learn More
  3. The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen

    The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen

    For the past 35 years Lévana Kirschenbaum’s name has been synonymous with upscale Kosher dining through her eponymous restaurant Lévana, her library of best-selling cookbooks, and her enormous online following on her popular blog, Facebook and Twitter. With her latest book, The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen: Glorious Meals Pure and Simple, Lévana embarked on her most ambitious journey yet: to present a beautiful, comprehensive compilation of her life’s work, her Magnum Opus as she calls it: The hundreds of dishes she shares are at once economical, easily prepared, and absolutely irresistible: Serious ingredients, fun dishes: This is her motto, even when it comes to dessert. This substantial, beautiful volume goes beyond the traditional scope of a cookbook, and generously shares a whole natural, sensible, and wholesome way of life; it belongs in every household, Kosher or not, just within reach, sure to be used again and again: a cherished, useful gift for any occasion. This book includes Lévana’s latest, as always all natural recipes, with 72 gorgeous full-page photographs by Meir Pliskin. It is chock-full of simple and natural dishes and desserts that uses whole unprocessed foods. Learn More
  4. Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers the Bogolubov Edition, RUSSIAN Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers the Bogolubov Edition, RUSSIAN

    Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers the Bogolubov Edition, RUSSIAN

    FEATURING: Anthology of the classics: Rashi, Rambam, Bartenura, Maharal and hundreds of other commentaries Insights from the Chasidic Masters Biographies of the Tannaim Stories and Parables Historical backgrounds Original artwork The Talmud states "One who wishes to be a chasid, should practice the words of Avot (Ethics of the Fathers)." Now, with the release of Pirkei Avot: With a New Commentary, Anthologized from the works of the Classic Commentators and the Chasidic Masters, that daunting task has become that much easier. Compiled by well-known author and translator Rabbi Yosef Marcus, and published by the Lubavitch publishing house, Kehot Publication Society, the volume gives the reader a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of Pirkie Avot. Anthologized from hundreds of commentators, classic to obscure, the commentary is crowned with the insights culled from the voluminous works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his predecessors. Printed in elegant two-color with original artwork, and issued in a deluxe gift edition as the "Rabbi Gavriel & Rivkah Memorial Edition" it was dedicated by Howard and Claire Glowinsky of Toronto, Canada, in honor of the Bar Mitzvah on their son Benji. The Russian edition was dedicated by Mr. & Mrs. Uri Laber and Mr. and Mrs. Motti Korf in honor of Mr Genady Bogolubov and is entitled the Bogolubov Edition. The publishers hope that this volume will contribute to the appreciation of the wisdom of Ethics of the Fathers and its application to modern, daily life. Learn More
  5. Tehillim - The Schottenstein Edition Tehillim - The Schottenstein Edition

    Tehillim - The Schottenstein Edition

    The luxurious, hand-crafted Schottenstein Edition Tehillim, represents the very peak of English Judaica. World-class typography by an award-winning designer, with gold and red-wine highlights, makes each page of this classic a rich feast for the eyes. An exceptionally lucid, flowing translation, is adorned with fascinating insights culled from over 200 traditional commentaries. A special feature is the Toras Menachem, inspirational commentaries from the late Lubavitcher Rebbe on Tehillim which have never been published before in English. The hand tooled faux-leather cover and luscious cream paper makes this the ideal gift. Learn More
  6. HaMafteach Letalmud Bavli, By Subject, English edition (A-Z) HaMafteach Letalmud Bavli, By Subject, English edition (A-Z)

    HaMafteach Letalmud Bavli, By Subject, English edition (A-Z)

    It's called the "Sea of Talmud" for good reason: So many volumes, so many topics, so many Sages' sayings, exchanges and expressions. But here is a tool which allows you to navigate the entire length and breadth of the Talmud and locate specific source material with ease. The HaMafteach is a groundbreaking literary achievement: It is a comprehensive alphabetical Index - cataloging topics, terms, concepts, Sages' sayings, parables, anecdotes - all in one convenient, easy-to-use volume. Pick a term, look it up, and discover a user-friendly listing of where the subject is discussed throughout the Babylonian Talmud. HaMafteach means "the key" and that's precisely what this is. Simply turn "the key" and it immediately directs you to any, or many, of the Talmud's treasured pages. Just like that. The HaMafteach features: Approximately 6,600 major subject Entries; 27,000 minor Sub-Entries; and 42,000 Talmudic reference sources. The HaMafteach is ideal for students who wish to locate a particular topic; rabbis and teachers who wish to learn or discuss a subject from various sources or prepare for a class; or for a speaker or author looking to gather source or reference material. For your convenience, there are four independent editions of the HaMafteach: Hebrew only edition, arranged by subject (Aleph-Tav); English only edition, arranged by subject (A-Z); Hebrew only, arranged by masechta; and English only, arranged by tractate. The two latter editions will be released shortly. Once you discover how useful the HaMafteach is, you'll wonder: Why didn't anyone think of this before? This volume is in alphabetical order by subject, in English (A-Z). Learn More
  7. The Bais Yaakov Cookbook The Bais Yaakov Cookbook

    The Bais Yaakov Cookbook

    Much more than just another cookbook, this unique cookbook is a first of its kind, containing a wealth of information. • 200 original recipes with stunning, full color photography • A personal brocha and challah recipe from Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky a”h • A pictorial history of Sara Schneirer and the Bais Yaakov movement • Comprehensive section of Halachos of cooking in the kitchen • Guide to complex brachos situations • Color guide to checking fruits and vegetables • Tips on shopping for, preparing, and serving gourmet meals • Comprehensive guide to shopping for meat, wine, cookware, etc. This special cookbook belongs in the kitchen of every home! Learn More
  8. Cremation or Burial? Cremation or Burial?

    Cremation or Burial?

    More and more Jews are choosing cremation rather that burial. Some of the reasons cited include environmentalism, discomfort with decomposition, and finances. Bestselling author, Doron Kornbluth spent over three years studying the subject, speaking with experts, consulting environmentalists, reading industry reports and academic studies, and examinig both the realities on the ground and the philosophies behind burial and cremation. Cremation or Burial? analyzes the reasons people choose cremation, pointing out many myths and misconceptions along the way, and explains why throughout history Judaism and Jews have insisted on burial. In this puick, easy-to-read, and informative book, readers will gain insight, knowledge, and understanding of this all-important issue. Learn More


    Have you ever wished Susie Fishbein could be with you in the kitchen? Now she can! In Kosher by Design Cooking Coach the celebrated cookbook author and international kosher food expert shares her homegrown secrets for creating magical results - as if she were right there with you! Whether you are a well-seasoned gourmet or cooking novice, Cooking Coach is brimming with great ideas to help everyone be a more creative, confident, and independent cook. -120 superb new recipes -Over 400 vivid full-color photographs -Comprehensive cross-referenced index Learn More
  10. Seder Bircas Hanehenin - English Seder Bircas Hanehenin - English

    Seder Bircas Hanehenin - English

    A much needed English edition of two classic halachic works, this meticulous and lucid translation includes the full Hebrew text with vowels as well as footnotes referring to specific sources in Talmud and Poskim. Designed to be practical as well as theoretical, the handsome volume contains extensive, original English commentary and a very precise b`rachot guide based on the decisions of Rabbi Schneur Zalman. Rarely is a work of this nature expository enough to be useful to the scholar. This handsomely produced volume satisfies both needs. Hebrew and English Learn More

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