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  1. All Eyes on Mindy Eisen All Eyes on Mindy Eisen

    All Eyes on Mindy Eisen

    All Eyes on Mindy Eisen When Mindy Eisen is chosen to be captain of color war, she naturally becomes the center of attention of Bais Devorah's seventh grade. But little does she know that a number of other unexpected events will keep her and the rest of the Eisens in the spotlight! As the oldest child and only girl in her well- established family, Mindy has had a pampered, easy, and worry-free life. That is, until this week, when an overheard nighttime conversation is just the beginning of an unsettling series of events. What is the pile of papers her parents were sitting over that night? How will Mindy sleep after their house is broken into? What happened to her team's color war money? And finally, how will she ever adjust to the devastating news that really was the subject of her parents' kitchen table discussion? This well written novel will keep young readers glued to their seats as they read how Mindy manages it all and emerges with a refreshing new perspective. Learn More
  2. The Shidduch The Shidduch

    The Shidduch

    The Shidduch This suspense-filled story of a seemingly ill-fated shidduch is a fast paced adventure in which an innocent looking suitcase of clothing sets off a chain of events that threatens to endanger the United States and ruin a respectable family from B’nei Brak. Laced with dramatic surprises and interwoven with timeless messages of emunah, bitachon, and yiras Shamayim, THE SHIDDUCH is one book you won’t want to put down. Learn More
  3. My Friend the Bully My Friend the Bully

    My Friend the Bully

    My Friend the Bully Follow Pinny as he innocently reacts to a "friend" who belittles and intimidates him. When the meanness turns into active bullying, Pinny's bewilderment transforms into fear, shame and phantom stomach aches. Noticing Pinny's changed behavior, his mother gently urges him to unburden himself. Finally, his life takes a turn for the better! This book is for parents and educators who are dealing with bullied children or children who are bullies themselves. In addition, the book includes tips on understanding and preventing bullying. About the Author: An acclaimed educator and social skills specialist, Mrs. Rifka Schonfeld has served the Jewish community for over thirty years. She founded and directs the widely acclaimed educational program, Strategies for Optimum Success (SOS), servicing all grades levels and subjects, specializing in kriyah and English reading. A consummate teacher’s teacher, Mrs. Schonfeld created and presents a social skills workshop focusing on key issues in social interaction for children, teens and adults, self esteem, maintaining lasting friendships, communication, trust, conflict resolution, bullying, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), and ADD. Learn More
  4. On No Account On No Account

    On No Account

    When Yeshivas Ohel Torah is beset with financial problems, ugly rumors begin to circulate. The gossip spreads its tentacles, and the Kramer children learn firsthand the terrible ramifications of slander. Can they square their shoulders to battle the challenges standing in their path - and overcome them? Or will the cruel person causing heartbreak to them and so many others succeed in his evil ways? This is a story with roots in long-ago Russia, where the traitorous acts of a wayward son still reverberate so many years later. It's a tale of devotion and true friendship, in which the true-to-life characters learn the meaning of loyalty. This book will keep you turning pages until you reach its poignant and satisfying conclusion. Learn More
  5. So It Seemed So It Seemed

    So It Seemed

    Hadassah is nearly everything she wished herself to be, but on the day she agrees to hoast a non-frum couple, she discovers that it only seems so. A novel of growth and self-discovery. Learn More
  6. Pain Relief, a novel Pain Relief, a novel

    Pain Relief, a novel

    Happy marriage, great kids, devoted parents, a flourishing business -- Hindy Fishman seems to have it all. No job seems too big for her to tackle, no goal too far to reach. How can a simple fall change all that? Could this really be happening to her? How could someone like her wind up in rehab? With her trademark realism and insight, Peri Berger walks us with Hindy along her path to recovery. Serialized in Hamodia Learn More
  7. It's A Kids' World After All #9 It's A Kids' World After All #9

    It's A Kids' World After All #9

    Exciting stories, colorful characters and action-packed drama provide glimpses into the hearts and souls of children. Sprinkled with deep educational messages, these stories will leave an impression that lasts a lifetime. Learn More
  8. The Morning Star The Morning Star

    The Morning Star

    Ayelet SHtayner is tall, beautiful, talented — and single. When Deep Hollow Synagogue hits on a novel approach to the community's shidduch crisis, they unleash secrets that none could ever have imagined. Secrets that throw us back thousands of years to an ancient Jerusalem, where a dozen young boys are secluded in a Guarded Courtyard, waiting to play a vital role in the future of the Mikdash. Learn More
  9. The Harp The Harp

    The Harp

    A riveting, deeply evocative novel of the highest caliber. Set against the backdrop of the Second Temple, with the Romans poised for all-out war and destruction, this historical work tells the tale of heroic devotion to Temple worship and to God, despite Herculean challenges. A young man's forced marriage to a mute girl is but one link in a fascinating chain of events that begin with his pious grandfather’s horrific death, and culminate in a dazzling array of bittersweet triumphs. Woven through with beauty, mysticism, blood-curdling battle cries, and true-to-life characters, this novel truly raises the bar. A very appropriate reading for the Three Weeks and Tisha B'Av &mdash this sobering book brings to mind the horror and devastation of the Churban. Learn More
  10. And Rachel Was His Wife And Rachel Was His Wife

    And Rachel Was His Wife

    She was wealthy and wise; he was an ignorant servant. She gave up a vast inheritance and a privileged lifestyle to marry the poor Akiva, trading the crown of luxury for the crown of Torah. In these spell-binding pages, the story of Rachel, wife of the renowned Rabbi Akiva, is brought to life, based on the masterwork of Jewish history, Dorot Harishonim. A vibrant, appealing, and glowing novel, the reader is drawn in to an era long gone but whose spectacular holiness still touches us today. Read about the woman about whom Rabbi Akiva unequivocally declared, "Your Torah and my Torah is hers." Learn More

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